Recap Simon and Raschad

The following blog is about the great experiences Simon and Raschad shared with their buddys. During our time at the LSU each of us germans got an american buddy. The buddies were assigned due to the results of the form we filled. We worote about our hobbies and what we want to explorer in Louisiana. And i think the outcome was great. Everybody was happy with the buddies and enjoyed the time with them!

The name of my buddy was Nicole and Raschads Buddy was Drude. Both of the buddies have their major in chemical engineering and both of them want to work at the german chemical company BASF wich headquater is in the region of Germany I am from. A perfect match. Raschad and me were happy that our buddies took their time to do amazing things with us, even though they had some upcoming exams because spring break was near.

We met our Buddies the first time for dinner. They took us to a Burger Restaurant where we had a dinner together. We tried the first time fried pickles as a starter and ate delicious burgers and seafood salads with fries. We got to know each talked about our majors and about the things we want to do during our time. They took us to Walmart so we were able to shop som groceries. They also gave us some recommondations about the sweets we had to trie, so we ended up buying nearly the whole range of sweets.After the shopping we gave them some gifts , they really liked the german chocholate.

As you can see we really enjoyed the food

One of the things wich werer to rated at our list was playing TopGolf. Due to the low developed public transport system in this area every buddy had a own car. This made the transport quiet comftable. Out buddies told us that we should text them if we want to get somewhere. Jarod , one of Nicoles freinds catched us at the Cook Hotel and we took a 15 minutes riede to TopGofl. It is a huge building from which you can shoot golf balls from an elevated positions at targets at the ground. As we arrived friends of our buddies joined and we formed a cool group. Raschad an me were total intermidiates in Golf so our buddies had a lot of work to do to develop our golf skills. We laught a lot , but after the 100 th hit we were able to hit the targets ! To keep us energised we ate some chicken wings with a great buffalo sauce and salades.

Because of the hard work we had done our buddies took us to the Waffelhouse whers we enjoyed waffels with syrupe peanutbutter and butter. We really needed those carbs ! After we were brought back to the hotel we were quiet tiered !

At an other day we watched a movie at Nicoles place. The movie was Jojo Rabbit. The story played at the end of the second world war in germany and was about a young german boy his mother and a jewish girl. We had a lot of fun and had a great base to talk about the german culture while enjoying chips and cake.

All of the buddies are in the SPM which means society of peer mentors. This club helps the arrinving students to integrate into the culture at LSU when they are freshmans, which is the name of the first year at a univesity of collge. The spm has also great workshops and we had the chance to join one of them. The workshop was about leadership. Adriene Steele the main person in charge of the spm hold a great presentation about leading teams. In most of the theams are 4 different types of characters: a dominant, influential,steady and conscientious one. Each type has different strenghts and weaknesses. A Test was handed out, so each student was able to determine his own character. After the test Adriene how to handle the different charcters. The attendees of the workshop were in different teams and had to solve a task so they were able to understand and observe the dynamics in their team. It was a really inspiering experience. At the end of the workshop they discussed future activities for the next freshmans. We learned a lot at this workshop !

Due to Coronavirus our group had to leave a little bit earlier than planed, so we and our buddies had a last dinner togethe. We ate pizza and after that we enjoyed traditional speciality beignets. At first we were a little bit disappointed because of the early departure but we recoverd quiet fast and made plans about visiting each other. Our buddies want to visit a university in Germany, so we promised them to keep in touch. We promised them that when they finally arrive , we are going to max out the speed of a german car at the deutsche Autobahn !

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