Thank you!

As already mentioned in our recap our time in Louisiana would not have been possible and this rewarding without the hard work of many people. 

Firstly, we want to thank the Fulbright Commission Germany for laying their trust in us and choosing us to go on this exceptional adventure. We want to thank Carolin Weingart-Ridoutt and Kerstin Klopp-Koch for providing us with their support and especially for reacting fast and making it possible for us to get back to Germany in such a short time.

A huge thank you goes to Dr. Harald Leder and Warren Hull! Thanks to you we always felt safe and protected. Thank you for the support, driving, good company and talks and all the knowledge provided. We will never forget this trip!       

Thanks to Ellen Block and Elizabeth Melvin for all the organization, coordination and welcoming during our stay. A huge thank you to our buddies! We enjoyed the time we spent with you y’all so much!

We want to thank all our speakers and lecturers for inspiring us and teaching us important lessons for business and life:
At our time at LSU: Dr. Ye-Sho Chen, Matt Lee, Kenneth Andersen, Dr. Richard White, Judy Wornat, CAPT David Giurintano, Gregg Accardo, Andrew Maas, Vishal Vasjani, Bryan Greenwood, Dr. Momen R. Mousa, David Winwood, Jamie Glas, Jacques Hopkins, Ricci Hull, Stan Prutz, Sascha Kunert and friends, Jason Boudreaux and all the others
At the preparatory meeting in Berlin: Sophia Warner, Laurenz Seidel and Allie Drexler

To the companies BASF, Mezzo Technologies, Baton Rouge Destilling and Noble Plastics we want to say thank you as well. We learned so much talking to you and we truly appreciated the advice and answers to our various questions.

Thank you to the whole staff at the Lod Cook Hotel. We enjoyed our stay there so much and are grateful for their constant support and help.

Also thank you to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for inviting us to spend Mardi Gras with them and introducing us to this part of their culture.

Without all your help and support our time in Louisiana would not have been the same! For that again:


Your Fullies of LIE 2020

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