Day 14 – Free Sunday

We had our last free Sunday which everyone spent differently. A group of early birds started at 8 a.m. to go on a “hiking trip” to Tunica falls. Accompanied by some buddies we drove about an hour to see three waterfalls. We were told that it is the best place to hike in Louisiana despite the fact that Louisiana is definitely not the hiking destination in the U.S. After we arrived, we mainly walked along a small stream which we sometimes had to cross over by exhibiting our jumping skills. The way was rich in variety with smaller and bigger rocks, some gradients as well as wooden stairs. We really enjoyed the nature which made for a nice change to being on the campus most of the time. After we have seen the waterfalls, we head back to Baton Rouge. One buddy suggested to stop by the Mississippi, but we were kept back by a fluted road which we could not pass anymore. Alternatively, we stopped by at the local restaurant which was very cozy and offered good and fresh food.

In the afternoon, most of us went to the Alex Box Stadium to watch a baseball game of the LSU Tigers. After a short briefing of the rules thanks to Wikipedia we were able to understand what is happening on the playing field. We quickly gotten more excited of the game and could finally congratulate the LSU as they come out as the winner.

In the evening, one part of the group took the chance to experience the escape room which was ranked as the fourth best of the world in 2019. And we absolutely agree upon that position! It was a stunning chamber which as well emphasizes our impression of America: Everything is bigger!

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