Day 13 – Internships and freetime

During the last days we had a great program so we deceided to get to know the nightlive of Baton Rouge a little bit better. My group visited the club Revelry which is in the part of Baton Rouge we know like the west of our hand because we had some dinners at the sourrounding restaurants. We had a great time together an went home to get some sleep.

In the moring we had a short breakfast and rushed to the Hatcher Hall to listen to the great presentation of Sascha Kuhnert who also took part in our Fulbright program last year. The topic was doing an internship in the USA. He shared his experience and gave us interesting insights about the applying process at BASF and other german multinationals. It consists of two parts. In the first part the company wants to know your language knowlage, your major, and your grades. It is also important to have a wide experience with other cultures. In the second part it is all about your personality and the softscills you aquired during your life. When you are finally accepted the visa procedure takes you a lot of time and nerves. But finally it is worth it !!! We really enjoy the time with Sascha and his attendants and thank them for their commitment.

After the time with Sascha we spent the a really interesting time at the leadership seminar. Ther were several speakers which talked about leading and coordinating a team. It is important to deal with the individual characters in a team!

At the LSU are many projects which promote the engineering talent of the students. The leadership leagacy fund is providing the necessary financial liquidity. There was one team which took part at an engineering competition where you had to bring several different objects into landing zones. Its name was Texas Regional Engineering Competition. Depending on the zone the item was dropped the team got points. The competition was designed quiet open so the different teams had great ideas. Because of the overwhelming experince of the competition the LSU team decided to organice an own engineering competitions. Their key message was make an impact !

An other approach to promote engineering is the mentoring of highschool kids. The kids take part in robotic competitions with different levels of difficulties. The robotic mentros support the childern of the teams and are open for questions in the fields of mecanics, programmig and electrical engineering. The competitions are hold under First organisation. It stands for For inspiration and recognition of science and technology. The organisation was founded by the inventer of the segway.

I was really inpressed by the approch that the kids learn valueable engineering skills by playing with robots. Learning is much more efficient whent people are having fun !

In the evening a part of our group spent a great time with their buddies at the shooting range. The tested different automatic weapons and approved them as good.

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