Day 3 – Entrepreneurial Introduction

Today we got the first introduction in entrepreneurial thinking. First Dr. Richard White welcomed us with a very motivating talk about following your heart into research or leadership.

Afterwards, Dr. Ye-Sho Chen told us about the state of entrepreneurship and Louisiana and the different tech clusters. Lousiana mainly consists of 3 clusters: Food, Energy and Water. He talked about crisis management and how to scale business. He also presented his favorite material bamboo.

During the deep water horizon crisis in 2010, the LSU developed plants, which are planted in the coastal area. The plants separate the oil from the water.

Local companies here can invest in a program that builds up swamps to store carbon emissions.

Simon got excited to start a business.

In the afternoon we got an introduction to the college of engineering from Elizabeth Melvin. She told us about the difference between educational universities and research universities. She also told us about Capstone which is a big project that students do during their study.

After the talk, we decided to go to the UREC, which is the sports centre on the campus. We played volleyball, squash and went swimming.

The climbing wall in the UREC.

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