Day 2 – Mardi Gras

After getting to know the LSU campus yesterday, we basically got thrown into action with Mardi Gras in Lafayette. With our two transporters we left the Hotel at 09:00 am. Arriving at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette we got shown around their campus and introduced to the University and the Mardi Gras. Soon after the first parade started. People were standing on the side of the parade throwing their hands in the air and screaming excitingly to catch some beads, cups and other goodies. It was a lot of fun. But be cautious, if you do not pay attention you might get hit by the beads getting thrown around. During the free time between the various parades some of us took the opportunity to further explore the campus or play games together with locals.

The next stop for us was the Crawfishtown USA. There we got to experience the local kitchen especially the seafood as exotic as fried alligator, crabs or the famous crawfish. By the way, Louisiana knows how to fry, delicious seasoning! Leaving the restaurant, it turned dark outside already and we went back to the hotel to finish our day off.

On this day we had a great chance to have an insight to the culture of Louisiana by having visited Mardi Gras in Lafayette where we met and talked to bunch of locals as well as having dinner in a local cuisine.

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