Day 10 – The early bird catches the worm

Getting up early is always one of those things prospective engineers don’t like at all. But with the chance of visiting BASF, even that is no problem anymore. So today we set off for Geismar at 7 a.m. One hour later we arrived at BASF’s largest site in North America. We even got two VIP parking spaces right at the entrance.

VIP parking at BASF

After a nice welcome, we were given a general overview of BASF and the Geismar site. Then we went to the Innovation Center. There we saw some of the products containing BASF additives. For example, the energy drink Gatorade and the popular muesli bar Cliff. The absolute highlight of the Innovation Center was an interactive touch display. Glass blocks with lasered-in objects could be placed on it and used to activate a short film that showed how BASF is involved in this object. We also learned that BASF’s first product was blue dye for jeans in the 1860s. 

At 10.00 a.m. our tour started on the actual factory site. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed. First, we went to the Environmental Laboratory which consists of 4 different laboratories. In these labs, there were different devices to determine the composition of material e. g. the wastewater which is tested for chrome and nickel. This must not exceed a certain value to protect the environment. After the Environmental Laboratory, we went to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Here, the wastewater from all 32 production units is collected and purified so that it can flow into the Mississippi River. The last thing we were shown was one of the reactors and its control centre. 

Around noon we had lunch followed by a panel discussion in which a total of nine BASF employees from various departments participated. There were many interesting questions asked. The concluding question was: “What would be your advice based on your life experience?”

The panel discussion ended with the answer to that question: “Try to be the best version of yourself, it lays in your hands.”

Group picture in front of BASF flags

After a group photo, we went back to Baton Rouge. Many Fullies spent the afternoon at the UREC (the sports centre on campus). After a nice dinner at Chipotle, the 10th day of us Fullis in Louisiana came to an end.

Good night 🙂

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