Day 7 – relaxing sunday

„On the seventh day you should rest.“

We took this saying literally on our seventh day of our journey and relaxed throughout the day. We had no specific plan and so we split up into smaller groups and went through the day. In the morning some went into the Urec (the sports facility on the campus) and had some fun playing table tennis, volleyball, basketball or squash. Some went on a really beautiful run around the lake which is directly next to the Hotel. Others however enjoyed the nice weather and relaxed at the pool. The unfortunate ones of us had some stuff for their work to catch up to.

beautiful scenic run around the lake

At lunchtime most of us gathered and we went to the classic Mexican fast-food chain “Chipotle” or to the Union which has different food option for the students of the LSU like smoothies, wraps or salads. After that most of us sat together, played some games and looked back on an extremely exciting first week of our trip. In the evening a couple of of us met with some buddies or came together to play some more games.

All in all the day was an awesome opportunity to calm down a bit from the otherwise exciting and full days of the first week.

Enjoying the nice weather at the pool

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